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Hi guys, Plz forgive me if my English is bad. This is jaanu(not real) a 23 yr old guy from Bangalore. Am going to tell u a true incident which took place in my. This is not completely a sex story it’s a luv story wit some sort of sex involved. One who r here to read sex stories can switch on to someother story & its my kind request.

Ok guys I was a student of engg & my chinnu is also engg student from different branch when this incident happened. She’s from village but never wanted to show up that while talking.. even she dressed like normal city gal.. She’s of 5.2” in height & her face is quite big& looked cute only sometimes.. Don’t know abt her figure.. At the end of 2nd yr we met each other officially.

(b4 that I ve seen her many times because we had few common frnds) & she was so friendly to each other. Its because of cell phone We became frnds in very short period ( to be frank I was in luv with some other gal x at that time & I believ its also a true one & ofcourse single sided & 1 more gal loved me but its 4m her side & I liked her).

ofcourse she’s my best frnd n I shared each 7 every thing with her. My chinnu always asked abt me n x & also helped in few things.. As it was one sided luv I proposed x & got negative response.. I became so depressed & that time chinnu helped me lot & she started loving me.. I too started liking her..

we became so close that we feared that we may have to leav each other so I asked her to marry me.. She really dumbfolded fa an instance & agreed readily.. We went to banglore to see her frnd at that time I asked her fa a kiss.. But she didn’t allow me to kiss her.. She just let me to put my hands over her waist, but after repeated forcing she agreed & let me to kiss her fore finger.

After a week she was in reference hall, reading fa exams.. I was at home said her while chatting through sms that am feeling to kiss her on her lips.. But she said I can kiss only to her forehead as a symbol of care.. So I went to reference & as were no one except few guys I kissed her on her forehead, eyes, nose & cheeks,, Again asked her to kiss me she did the same…

Then she said she wants to read so go back home &let her read.. but I said b4 going I wanna kiss her again so she agreed but this time along with her cheeks I planted my kiss on her lips.. She got shock.. she was happy even thought felt bad fa that..Then we kissed many times when we got chance, then hugging became common.

Then once while hugging I put my hands on her hips.. She resisted that.. then French kiss all became common.. But I was very eager to explore her body so I wanted to touch her belly button & waist.. Initially she didn’t agree but because of my force she agreed.. None of our got a hint of our love & sexual acts.. On my birthday she gave me a gift that I cant forget.

She allowed me to touch her boobs (only on her salwar) which I squeezed n bite her nipples kissed.. She was a perfect smoocher… She liked my lips more than any part n my body.. Once we went to a Tamil movie (we both dnt knw tamil) where Ias usually touched her belly naked.. But I got some courage & tried to move up near her boobs.

She allowed me to squeeze her boobs upon bra.. When I tried to enter her bra she resisted lot.. But finally I succeeded & touched her nipples & even took entire boob(right one) n squeezed. But after that incident both got depressed fa what happened there in theatre.. I consoled her & said it’s not a sin & all then she got convinced.. She was my wife.

I loved her lot more than my life. Then once I took her to my sisters place, introduced her to my sis.. But I kept touching chinnu behind her… In final sem we had project fa that I stayed at Banglore & she was doing her project in college.. Once she came to Banglore I took her to show my room.

I was not able to control my sexual desires I removed all my clothes except undeawear.. She was looking at my bulge in shock..She touched that over undie.. Then I took her in my arms & took her to bed.. I layed on her slept on her & continuously explored her mouth fa abt 10 min.. Then I kissed her face, neck, boobs,till toes.

I lifted her kameez till her boobs & fa first time I saw her boobs under her white bra.. she not allowed me to remove her bra & I also not forced as I thought she will be mine only… But I kissed her nipples, boobs over her bra n& bited her nipples bit roughly so she moaned in pain.. Fa me she was looking cute but today I felt her like a child.. I loved her lot…

Then we both watched a blue film(mysore Mallige) she never saw such a thing before she got shy & excited.. In that movie d gal gave his guy a blow job & he fucked her well.. His shots made my gal to fear that I also may fuck her roughly like in movie.. I convinced her that I wont use her roughly & will fuck only when she feel less pain as possible..

Then I came behind her hugged tightly, she turned herself to me then I inserted my hands under her pant & panties this time she didn’t resisted… We kept kissing again fa long time.. Then we both dressed up.. I served her milk & left to our native,.. We used to chat sexily where I was telling her to remove her dress, press her boobs,

insert her fingers by thinking her finger as my dick this way we got marry mentally & I started her calling as my wife.. Our love was increasing day by day.. I called her home when I was alone & my family members were out of station.. Same thing happened what happened in room… we both enjoyed lot..

After that our graduation completed she got a job nearby her village & I came to banglore.. We both became busy but we always used to talk over phone fa hours together But it decreased as she stopped messaging me, by saying she’s busy.. But me and my frnds thought to go fa an outing to Manglore.. In our team there was a couple except us & nobody knew about us..

Then while going we just slept together without much action.. there we stayed fa two days enjoyed lot in beaches.. She liked watching across the beach & it sun was almost disappeared she kissed me more than 20 times while waliking & asked me to kiss her again & again.. I dnt know how she gained that courage to kiss me in public.. I was scared that day to be frank..

Then we came to room & slept.. In the morning I came to her & slept beside her.. I took her hand, she touched my dick nakedly fa first tim.. She liked that very much & kept surveying the size of it (mine is almost 6-6.5” long with 3” girth) That day she touched my dick fa two more times.. We checked out the lodge in the night & got into bus..

As we didn’t get reservation we found hard to get seat.. But luckily we got seat in a Rajahamsa bus but we got seat in the last where 4 of us sat together… As bus started moving I took her hand in my hand & wa s very happy to spend two day & night with her.. the lights of the bus were switched off after sometime..

I felt to kiss her I saw everyone & my frnds beside me found them asleep then I kissed her lips & started exploring her mouth.. Then I put my hands all over her upper portion & was feeling her.. She took my hand & kept it over her vagina over the pant.. I was out of control by such a romantic moment & unhooked her pant & put my fingers under her panties, directly into her cunt.

She moaned sexily while inserted my two fingers inside it.. Pushed my finger to & fro but didn’t push finger more deep as I didn’t wanted to tear her virginity… She enjoyed it lot and even she cummed fastly.. again I did the same thing… She took my dick n touched it gently… Fa sometime we enjoyed sex …

I didnt know when I slept And when I opened my eyes we were about to reach Bangalore.. I went to office directly from bus stand & she left to her village.. In the evening when I called her she was depressed because f my act of touching her pussy.. She even cried.. I too was depressed…

I was not able to convince her but I said u r still a virgin & am going to marry u… Then somewhat I convinced her..After few months chinnu’s frnd introduced me her colleague over a phone.. We started chatting & it turned to sex chat in very short time.. She was such a bitch that she started calling me to have sex in real within two days of our intro..

But I realized my mistake & asked her not to call again.. Fa that she said everything to Chinnu’s frnd & she said everything to chinu.. my chinnu lost trust on me.. I think she cried fawhole day.. Then asked her to forgive me & promised her that am not going to involve in such things..

She said she’ll forgive me when she slap me when we meet.. In next meet she slapped too.. But forgave me fa my mistake… Then I left my job to do masters, had been to many places across India.. once I visited Taj Mahal & called her from there & said I love you many times & said how much I missed her.

She was very happy & she too said I love u lot many times…Then I bought Tajmahal fa her and a dress material fa her… When I returned to Banglore I called her to meet me at station itself while coming someone stole my Taj mahal I left over with dress material.. I gave her that n she felt happy…

Then she started messaging me very rarely and calls were also reduced..After two months visit ti TAj One day I called her & asked she said she’s not loving me now N wanna be just a frnd.. N said she doesn’t have trust on me now..After 15 days her sister came to know abt us & also her cousin.. She completely left me while on other hand I still love her madly.

She gave my flirting as a reason(I stopped that flirting before six months completely) fa leaving me.. We broke up In Nov 2009.. Our 3.8 yrs love came to an end.. In the end she hurt me lot.. But now as I think she’s loving a guy.. She continuously changing her no to get rid of me…

Even today I want her to come back & am asking her for a last chance.. Still she’s my wife, my lover & my best frnd.. She will remain in my heart as my best frnd till I die… I still wanna marry her even though our castes r different. Now tell me wat u wanna tell both of us.
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