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I’ve been a regular reader of SexyauntyStories. Today I decided that just being a leacher will not serve and let me give my contribution. For my background, I hold MBA from one of the top ten B-schools of India and I’m pretty settled in my professional life. This is not a fantasy but one of my real life experiences. I’ve been involved with one girl from my school for last 4 years.

Some personal problems made us separate our paths after having such a wonderful relationship. Me and my then GF had enjoyed our time to the fullest. Being a hostler I was unable to find good place to make out with my gf. So, we use to enjoy proximity in various places in our institute only,

which may include from hostel visitor room to vacant loo in the institute corridors. I’ll just narrate an incident with my gf when she was alone at home. I was doing my engineering at that time. She lived pretty close to the college. On a good fine day she called me up in the wee hours and told me that she’ll be alone at home today.

We’ve had everything nut fucking by that time. I sense the opportunity and cleaned myself for her. At 10am I reached her home in my car. She’s the prettiest girl in the college and I was lucky to have her. She’s as white as milk and her skin was extremely soft. She hadn’t get off bed by that time. Not to say that girls look sexiest when they are sleeping (or just woken up).

She opened the door for me. She was wearing short yellow colored T-shirt and shorts. Impression of her nipples over her t-shirt made me sure that she isn’t wearing bra. She greeted me asked me to go to her room and she went to loo. She came out and asked me if I want to have anything. I was paralyzed by her beauty.

Its not that I hadn’t seen her before but on that day it was a whole different thing. I asked her if she’s still feeling sleepy, she said yes. I asked her to lie down on bed and I slipped myself in her quilt. It was a peak winter’s day in Delhi. My hands were cold, her skin was hot. I rubbed my hands to make them a bit warm. Then I placed my hands on her waist below her t-shirt.

Hands were still cold for her. I started massaging her back under her t-shirt. She was definitely enjoying it. Thanks to lose neck of her t-shirt I was able to drop one arm of her t-shirt. Believe me she has sexiest shoulders in this world. I kissed gently ion her neck, the most sensual part of girl’s body. By that time my hands reached to bottom of her boobs.

I could feel the shape and heat eliciting from her boobs. Slowly I lifted her t-shirt and she’s all topless lying in front of me. We kissed for some time and all during kissing I was playing with her body and exploring untouched parts of her body. She had started mourning by then. I took off my T shirt and hugged her.

Our naked bodies were touching each other and my hands were massaging her lower back. Needless to say I was hard on by then. She put one of her leg on me. Her shorts were so loose that not only they were giving her full freedom to move but also giving me view of her polka dotted g-string panty. Her waist was around 28, perfect shape for g-sting.

For the first time in our relationship I went below her waist. She use to wear jeans which had never given me opportunity to feel shape of her waist. Today she was all mine. While still rubbing each other’s bodies I removed her shorts. I got up and sat between her white legs. I started kissing her inner thighs. I noticed some stretch marks on her thighs.

Slowly I went near to her cunt. I smelled her for the first time. Believe me I cannot forget the aroma and smell of her cunt forever. Her panty was moist with pre-cum. I looked at her face, she was enjoying every bit of It. Her light brown nipples were small but sexy. I moved to her boobs and kissed/sucked them for next 20mins. I pulled her nipples, pinched them.

Though she hadn’t had orgasm in her life but she said that she’s very excited and she may come. I didn’t want her to enjoy her first orgasm with me not even touching her cunt. I opened up her panty and fluid was dripping down to her ass. I was an awesome sight. I licked her juice from her vagina to her clit. She was really dancing on the bed with her hips raised a bit.

She was holding my head and her legs were crossed over my body. I started making circular motion with my tongue on her clit. She was reaching her orgasm. She started thumping her ass on bed. Salty fluid was coming out of her vagina. Size of her clit doubled by that time. With loud scream she had her first orgasm.

Her mourning was so loud that I had to close her mouth with my hands. She was trembling and shivering with pleasure. I held her in my arms close to me. She looked so satisfied and for the first time in our relationship I we were complete. Her eyes were saying unsaid thanks to me. Give me your comments on this experience, and I’ll update my other experiences.
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