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Hi my name is Vikam, engg student. This happened just a 3years ago. This day I will never forget at all. Priyam a shy virgin just crossed before my eyes..Since I year PU I use to think fucking her and masturbate in my bathroom. The last day of college. Our classes starts at 14hrs,but I and my girl came to college 6hrs early.

I and she was absent on last day,we didn't know the last day starts at 14 hrs.We both started to talk only on that day since no one was there in college. Slowly the talk went to vulgar, we planned to go to movie immediately, then as per schedule we went,unfortunately no tickets at fame.We went to cafe day and ordered coffee.later she invited me to her house.

I told I will come the other day.i was bright student in class,she asked me to teach Chemistry and biology. After 3 days of the college I went to her home.She was alone wearing miniskirt and short red t-shirt, i asked which chapter do you need to teach me. She told me to strat with Biology That is Reproduction.

I was asked her to teach sexual or asexual,she told both.First I explained asexual reproduction, then I explained her asexual reproduction, I knew that she was difficult to understand,i explained her 5 times from the book, she could understand not even once,I got fed up and I told there is only one way to teach you, that is by practicals,

I told her I will go to shop and come immediately, After coming from shop with a condom, I asked her shall I start the lesson then. She agreed.I told her to close her eyes. She agreed, I saw her rosy lips and started kissing her, She pushed me back and asked "what are you doing", I replied her I am Just satrting the practicals, Then She started kising me.

Our lips got locked foe 15minutes,in the mean time I un buttend her shirt and skirt and told her to undo mine she unbuttend my dress.I was with my under were,she was with black bra and panty,I could imagine her figure 32-28-32,she asked me why is your cock bulging, I replied this step 1 in experiment, I told her to und bra and panty soon, I could see her virgined vaginal cunt,

Inserted my middle figure and told her to put icecream on my penis and lick it in your mouth we cummed. after this I Told her The thing came from me was Sperms. We will go to step 2, thats fucking, This time I told her Now lets fuck priyam,She replied how to fuck. As I used to watch porn a lot, first I fucked her in doggy position,

I Knew where to insert and I inserted my 7 inchlength and 3inch width cock in her ass then slowly moving to love spot,we fucked in 69 position fucking her vagina and we fucked for 45 minutes,(Note:-Dont cum at first storke its self, Control for more sexualpleasure)she bleaded when I fucked her vagina... I Knew thats the moment I broke her sael and virginity,

after fucking there then I fucked once again her ass, she Is this human reproduction and prevention of it,thank you and I am me that fully satisfied on my first experience. I replied her that this my first experience to priyam and started to smooch After the first experience,when ever we meet in college or park we used to Smooch first and then go to home or hotel to satisfy our needs...
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